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Insurance Innovators: Advice to Innovators

June 1st, 2018


At April's Columbus CPCU Society Chapter Ohio Insurance Innovators Forum, Dr. Jeff Sheen and Kyle Krumlauf from Grange Insurance joined Haley Smith (State Auto Insurance Companies), Yiem Sunbhanich (TNEDICCA) and Andrew Farver (Westfield Insurance) to discuss how they work with innovation every day in insurance. They emphasized that anyone can be an innovator. 

In the second video of our Insurance Innovators series, Sheen and Krumlauf disclose their formulas for innovation. Their guidance is relevant to an industry that is riding a wave of change, and as they point out, their guidance is also relevant to our daily lives. Where there’s a problem to be solved, an opportunity for improvement or a way to view something from another perspective, you’ll find innovation. And more importantly, we can all be innovators. Check out the video: 

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Insurance: It's Not What You Expected

April 3rd, 2018

Just a few weeks ago students from Canal Winchester High School (CWHS) visited the offices of Motorists Insurance Group. One of the students turned to Crystal Dortch, his teacher, and exclaimed, “This isn’t at all what I expected! I expected to see rows and rows of people at desks on phones.” 


This is what the business of insurance looks like at Motorists, and it’s not so different from other insurance companies in Ohio. 

The students visited Motorists Insurance Group as part of their courses in the Risk Management Technician Pathway, a two-year program at CWHS. As Dortch describes it, "Ohio Dominican University, in collaboration with Motorists Insurance, is providing CWHS students with a unique, exclusive and fully funded opportunity to propel their careers.  Whether students plan to work immediately after high school, attend college, or join the military, the field of insurance provides enough flexibility to accommodate any and all of these pursuits, while providing income and advancement opportunities."

What else has changed in the insurance industry? The IIRC asked its leaders to describe their industry. These are the words they used:


Do you know students who are searching for great, exciting careers? Be sure to let them know that insurance may not be at all what they expected!


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Are You In?

March 6th, 2018


             Welcome to the Insurance Innovators project!


What's an Insurance Innovator?

In the first of our video series, Mike LaRocco, President and CEO of State Auto Insurance Companies, relates how he has established a foundation and culture at State Auto that focuses on respect, flexibility, social responsibility and constant learning to fuel the company’s journey to the future. He notes that State Auto’s “digital journey has only just begun” and that “speed is absolutely essential in the world we are entering.”

Check back frequently to see innovations at work and the exciting opportunities in the world of insurance.