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Insurance Innovators: What's So Exciting about Insurance?

December 29th, 2018


With roots back to 1901, Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, then called the Ohio Mutual Tornado, Cyclone and Windstorm Insurance Association, has since grown to one of the country’s top insurers – covering homes, autos, farms and commercial properties in multiple states. And while the organization continues to be deeply anchored in its history and core values, Ohio Mutual relies on innovative people, technology and ideas to help meet its mission – keeping the promises that secure dreams and providing a better experience for policyholders and agents. 

In the fourth video of our Insurance Innovators series, Susan Kent and Chad Combs share their perspectives on the excitement in today’s insurance industry, the innovative technologies that are changing the industry and how risk is analyzed, and the importance of community service in Ohio Mutual’s culture. 

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Insurance Innovators: Disruption is Coming

September 18th, 2018


Insurance industry professionals are positively impacting people’s lives every day. From processing claims to ensuring proper coverage for clients, the insurance industry provides ample opportunities to support others in valuable ways.

During this segment of our Insurance Innovators video series, listeners will hear from three seasoned insurance professionals at Motorists Insurance Group who are excited about insurance and the opportunities available within the industry.

Sarah Devor (Underwriting Director, Small Business), John Kessler (SVP and Chief Strategy Officer) and Dave Kaufman (CEO) discuss the link between insurance and technology, which is quickly changing the platform and customer experience in today’s global economy and technological connectedness. 

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Insurance Innovators: Advice to Innovators

May 31st, 2018


At April's Columbus CPCU Society Chapter Ohio Insurance Innovators Forum, Dr. Jeff Sheen and Kyle Krumlauf from Grange Insurance joined Haley Smith (State Auto Insurance Companies), Yiem Sunbhanich (TNEDICCA) and Andrew Farver (Westfield Insurance) to discuss how they work with innovation every day in insurance. They emphasized that anyone can be an innovator. 

In the second video of our Insurance Innovators series, Sheen and Krumlauf disclose their formulas for innovation. Their guidance is relevant to an industry that is riding a wave of change, and as they point out, their guidance is also relevant to our daily lives. Where there’s a problem to be solved, an opportunity for improvement or a way to view something from another perspective, you’ll find innovation. And more importantly, we can all be innovators. Check out the video: 

Check back frequently to see innovations at work and the exciting opportunities in the world of insurance.