A Limitless Career

February 11th, 2017

When you think of careers in insurance, what terms come to mind? For Carly Fortman it’s stable, rewarding, and limitless.     

Carly is the Learning and Development Manager at Central Mutual Insurance Company in Van Wert, Ohio, where she oversees the general training programs. To Carly, her job is extremely rewarding as she gets to help people learn. Every day, she witnesses her colleagues learning skills and earning designations that positively impact them personally and professionally.     


Like many, if not most, insurance companies, Central Insurance invests in its new hires. Carly’s team focuses on ensuring that every employee builds skills like communication and time management, has access to career planning guidance, and knows how to fine tune their technical skills. Carly’s colleagues came to Central from many different fields and with many different skills that they are successfully leveraging. In fact, she works directly with a former dental assistant and a former   Mathematics teacher. 

 So why stable, rewarding, and limitless? These three terms are often called the “insurance trifecta.” Here’s how Carly explains it:

  • Insurance offers stable, high-paying jobs. Insurance is a critical economic driver in Ohio, and is poised to grow even more. Central Insurance has been around and prospering since 1876, and is, in fact, one of the largest employers in Van Wert.
  • Careers in insurance are rewarding. The role of insurance is to protect people, their businesses, their property … their lives. Carly recalls a time when a tornado destroyed local homes, buildings and property. The community was devastated. But with insurance, the community had the funds to recover and rebuild their lives.
  • Carly’s career is proof of the last term – limitless. She is directly responsible for helping her colleagues learn and grow. Insurance employees have tremendous educational and career opportunities. 

With boundless opportunities, Carly is excited about her future in the industry and she intends to be a key player in its growth.