Addressing Industry Employment Demands

March 8th, 2017

On March 8th, members of the Ohio Insurance Institute (OII) took time to learn about Ohio’s unique workforce development coalition, the Insurance Industry Resource Council (IIRC). IIRC Co-Chair, President and CEO of Ohio Mutual Insurance Group Mark Russell and Sandra Harbrecht, President and CEO of Paul Werth Associates, discussed the IIRC and its mission at OII’s midyear meeting.

Mark and Sandy noted the importance of the insurance industry to Ohio’s economy. The insurance industry is a key economic driver in the state, which means that careers within the industry are stable and growing. The mission of the IIRC is to inform job seekers, career changers, veterans and students pursuing careers about the tremendous opportunities available in Ohio’s insurance industry. Filling the insurance pipeline with knowledgeable and skilled talent is crucial to fueling the industry and its growth.

See Mark and Sandy’s presentation and find out more about how the OII and the IIRC partner to build the nation’s most innovative talent pipeline.