Tackling Innovation

June 24th, 2018

Challenge your role and make it more efficient.

Challenge long-standing assumptions by asking "why?"

Don't be afraid to fail.

This is just some of the professional advice offered by a group of insurance innovators at the Columbus CPCU Society Chapter's forum.

Dr. Jeff Sheen and Kyle Krumlauf from Grange Insurance joined Haley Smith from State Auto Insurance Companies, Yiem Sunbhanich from TNEDICCA and Andrew Farver from Westfield Insurance to discuss innovation and how the insurance industry is tackling it.

After the forum, the IIRC spent time with Sheen and Krumlauf to learn more. Sheen called out the many complicated issues insurance professionals encounter today. These include balancing privacy protection with the need for easy access to information and the need to anticipate the future of automobile insurance in an era where cars drive themselves. That's where innovation always begins – with a problem that needs to be solved.

In the second video of our Insurance Innovators series, Sheen and Krumlauf disclose their formulas for innovation in an industry that is riding a wave of change. Where there's a problem to be solved, an opportunity for improvement or a way to view something from another perspective, innovators thrive. And more importantly, everyone can be an innovator.

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